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AusCham Vietnam discusses organizing flights from Australia to Vietnam


AusCham Vietnam is investigating the possibility of a charter flight from Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City and has sent out a letter to AusCham members, Australia companies and people who are supporters of the chamber asking for feedback.

In an open email sent out on August 3rd, Minh Duong, President of AusCham Vietnam notes the following:

Any person completing the expression of interest form will need to be aware of the following:

• The Vietnamese government has put in place strict rules for entry by foreign nationals and they must be an expert, investor or technical professional and his or her immediate family member.

An approval process has been put in place by the Vietnamese Government where the individual must (A) be approved by the provincial level department of labor, invalids and social affairs, provincial people’s committee and provincial level immigration police, (B) be issued with a travel visa from a Vietnamese consulate general or embassy in Australia; and (c) have a recognised health plan for quarantine.

All quarantine and Covid-19 testing will need to be paid by the individual and it is possible that the individual will be subject to centralized quarantine with the Vietnamese government. We encourage you to speak to your legal or immigration advisor in Vietnam in relation to these matters.

• People who do not fit the above criteria are welcome to add their names to the list and note their reasons for entry.

• AusCham Vietnam does not guarantee entry for any person registering his or her expression of interest. This is a process to gauge demand and also identify circumstances of those who wish to enter.

• AusCham Vietnam is a member organisation and members will be given priority to employees of members and their families who are eligible to travel.

• This list is only open to people located in Australia, but the chamber will consider expressions of interest from other foreign nationals currently in Australia.

• In giving AusCham Vietnam the personal details in the expression of interest form you consent for AusCham Vietnam to use your information for the purposes of the charter flight including sharing your information with governmental authorities and service providers.

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