Business environment: China’s ‘new economic cycle’ and the ‘new paradigm of globalisation: China’s economy enters the second half of an L-shaped recovery, China on the verge of a ‘new economic cycle.

Pursuing M+A in Vietnam 2018

Vietnam, one of the “most attractive M&A destinations in Southeast Asia” Since our inaugural edition of the M&A Survey, the Vietnamese economy has continued to grow in strength, driven by inbound investments in a number of sectors. Between 2013 and 2017, disbursed Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) grew by more than 58% from US$8.9 billion to US$14.1 billion. M&A activity has grown at an even faster pace of 115% over the same period in terms of deal value. Regionally, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan are among the remarkable investors, while leading global private equity houses such as Warburg Pincus, TPG, KKR, and Navis Capital are becoming more active. 

ASEAN Business Guide - Vietnam 2018

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