Business environment: China’s ‘new economic cycle’ and the ‘new paradigm of globalisation: China’s economy enters the second half of an L-shaped recovery, China on the verge of a ‘new economic cycle.

Digital China - Powering The Economy To Global Competitiveness 2017

China is already a global leader in the digital economy. It is a major investor in and one of the world’s leading adopters of digital technologies in the consumer sector. Chinese consumers are proving to be enthusiastic about all things digital, powering e-commerce and mobile payments. But there is much more to come. A new wave of digitization is now unfolding in which many more businesses put digital at the heart of their operations and strategy. As they do so, there will be significant restructuring in value chains, creative destruction leading to higher efficiency, and large productivity gains. As a result, China’s economy will become more dynamic, and more Chinese businesses will be able to compete globally and even export “Made in China” digital business models and solutions. 



ASEAN Business Guide - Vietnam 2018

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