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Vietnamese authorities ban Chinese mini electric cars

Made-in-China mini electric cars have been introduced to Vietnam by a company in Hai Phong City, but local authorities have warned people not to buy the vehicle saying, “It is illegal to use this car in Vietnam and drivers will face fines if found running on local streets.”

There have been advertisements on Facebook about the mini cars, which are priced in the $1,740 ~ $3,00 USD (40 ~ 70 million VND) range, the same price as many popular motorcycles that are sold in Vietnam. According to ads, the cars are convenient because they’re so small and can therefore easily navigate small streets and are perfect for 2 ~ 4 people.

Technical specifications for the cars say that they are equipped with “long-lasting” 1,000-watt electric engines, weigh only 400 kilograms and that because of the cars size, that drivers do not need to obtain a drivers license to operate the vehicles.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport (MoT) however, warned Vietnamese citizens not to buy the Chinese mini electric cars saying that there were illegally imported into Vietnam and have not been registered or undergone safety and technical inspections.

The MoT said that without undergoing safety and technical inspections, that it was unknown whether they could be operated safely on Vietnamese roads especially when tropical storms affect the country.

The MoT also noted that the company selling the automobiles is unregistered and is operating without proper business licenses. The company doesn’t have the ability or authority to sell the cars in Vietnam and was operating without any guarantees or protections for consumers.