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Bamboo Airways wants to fly direct US - Vietnam flights
Trinh Van Quyet, Chairman and General Director of Bamboo Airways, the country’s newest airline said his goal is to be the first Vietnamese airline to operate direct flights to the U.S. With an estimated Vietnam-U.S. aviation traffic of 700,000 passengers yearly, Trinh said there is no doubt a direct flight between the two markets would be profitable. According to statistics for the first half of the year, Bamboo Airways had the best on-time performance and safety record of any Vietnamese airline. The carrier’s aviation safety record on its 6,600+ flights was 100% and 95.2% of its flights were on-time.

Bamboo Airways plans to triple its fleet size by 2023
Bamboo Airways has received government approval to expand its fleet size from ten to 30 planes by 2023. The government decision also approves modifications to the airlines investment plans until 2023. The airline is planning to budget more than $356 million USD bringing for both narrow-body and wide-body jets that will allow it to expand the fleet size to 22 planes in 2019 and to 30 planes in 2023.

Pilots are scare as Vietnamese airlines engage in headhunting
Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister, Truong Hoa Binh, said that domestically trained pilots are a “natural resource” and that although Vietnam’s aviation industry battles an unprecedented pilot shortages, the different airlines need to stop unfair recruiting practices. The Deputy PM also said that the airlines shouldn’t exaggerate their capabilities as an advertising tactic to attract pilots, nor should they overwork their pilots.

Vietjet, Grab & Swift247 will offer a 5-hour Saigon-Hanoi delivery service
Vietjet airlines, ride-hailing company Grab and technology startup Swift247 plan to provide “Super Express” delivery services between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City within five hours. The companies will also work together to provide solutions for connecting road and air travel to customers across Southeast Asia. The strategic partnership allows Vietjet and Grab to leverage technological advantages to develop low-cost solutions for road and air mobility.


Vietjet named one of Forbes’ 50 best listed companies in Vietnam
Vietjet Airlines was recently honored as one of Vietnam’s 50 best listed companies in 2019 at the recent Forbes at the Business Forum 2019 held in Ho Chi Minh City on August 15. This is the third time Vietjet Airlines has received this award. Vietjet operated more than 68,000 flights in the first half of this year, accounting for 45% of the total flights operated by airlines in Vietnam.

Vietstar Airlines receives license for commercial operations
Vietstar Airlines, a relative unknown entity in the Vietnamese airlines market has been granted a license to offer charter flights on two types of jet aircraft, the Beechcraft King Air B300 which can carry eight passengers and the Embraer Legacy 600 jet which carries 13 passengers. The airline applied for a commercial license in 2015 and raised its capital to $34.78 million USD in 2016, which qualified it for a commercial aviation license for both cargo and passenger services.

Vietnam Airlines will offer Vietnam-US flights with Delta Airlines
Vietnam Airlines has signed a codeshare agreement with Delta Air Lines, America’s second-largest airline, to operate Vietnam - U.S. flights, via Tokyo, Japan. Vietnam Airlines will provide the Vietnam - Tokyo leg for flights while Delta will operate services between Tokyo and U.S. cities. The two airlines are planning to conduct operational checks in September and both airlines are expected to begin selling tickets for their new flights starting in October.


Vietnam Airlines will offer in-flight wifi
Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security and the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam have licensed Vietnam Airlines to provide in-flight wifi service on four aircraft this year. The wifi system will be on Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 aircraft. The airlines said that it will expand this service to10 additional Airbus A350 aircraft between 2020 and 2024.

Vingroup launches Vinpearl Air
Vingroup, Vietnam’s largest private enterprise announced the launch of Vinpearl Air Aviation JSC. The business registration office under the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment has approved Vingroup’s property and tourism arm, VinAsia Development Service and Trading, to rename as Vinpearl Air JSC and specialize in aviation services.

Vingroup to start aviation training school
Vingroup, Vietnam’s largest private enterprise has signed an agreement with CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, the world’s leading airline training organization, to establish VinAviation School and Vinpearl Air Training Centre in Vietnam. The aviation school will focus on training 400+ pilots and technicians each year who will meet licensing standards that are set by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV), by the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as well as the International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA).





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