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Uber Aims Cooperation With Local Taxi Firms In Vietnam

Uber’s chief business officer for Asia-Pacific, Brooks Entwistle said that instead of eliminating Vietnamese taxi companies from the market or going against their traditional business model, Uber is keen to find a way to cooperate with them.

In Vietnam, Uber is facing strong protests from conventional taxicabs as they claim that the California-based transportation technology company is stealing passengers from them.

Local taxi operators in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have repeatedly called on authorities to either ban Uber and a similar ride-hailing app – Grab – from operating, or at least subject them to the same tax policies and regulations as conventional taxi companies.

However, Entwistle has underlined that cooperating with Vietnamese taxi firms is an important part of the company’s development strategy. The executive said in a media meeting in Singapore last week, “Vietnam is an important and potential market for Uber in the region and the company wants to cooperate with conventional local taxicabs for all parties to achieve mutual growth.”

He added that he is scheduled to visit Hanoi to meet with local regulatory bodies regarding the app’s operations in the Southeast Asian country.

The aim for this cooperation is to reduce the number of no-passenger cars travelling on the streets and to ease traffic congestion, Entwistle said. He emphasized that Uber wants to work together with Vietnamese taxi firms to achieve business growth, instead of going against them.

Last month Uber inked agreements with three major taxi firms in Taipei, allowing cab drivers in the Taiwanese city to use its app, a move which Entwistle said would be applied widely across Southeast Asian cities in the coming time.