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MobiFone conducts successful tests of its new 5G network

MobiFone staff work on a base transceiver station in Hanoi

According to an announcement by MobiFone this week, the company has successfully tested its 5G networks in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Hai Phong after one year of preparation.

MobiFone says that during the preparation period, its staff have worked with big 5G equipment and service providers from around the world to assess a variety of technical and quality issues and also plan for problems that are associated with developing a large scale communications network.

Based upon the implementation schedule, the testing process has been completed and the network is ready and engineers have measured download data speeds of 2Gpb.

A MobiFone PR spokesman said that the successful tests of the 5G network are a condition for it to bring 5G into commercial and that commercial implementation to both businesses and consumers will begin in the “very near future.”




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