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Vietnamese designer comes up with coronavirus-themed collection


Chung Thanh Phong, a young Vietnamese fashion designer has looked at the Covid-19 pandemic and the need for people to travel safely and created a 'Save Yourself' fashion collection that features protective outfits and face masks.

Phong said that he wants to encourage fashion lovers to adopt protective measures to avoid Covid-19 infection risks and wants to spread Vietnam’s textile industry and workers by unveiling a new fashion collection that enhances the “Made in Vietnam” brand, and creates a fashion statement for the men and women who wear “Save Yourself” collections.

The “Save Yourself” collection was introduced on the Internet instead of at a fashion show and features 10 different designs, with each outfit including three-layer cloth masks and hand sanitizers.

The photos below are from the collection.

All ready-to-wear outfits are a combination of fashion and safety.


Black and white are prominent colors in the Save Yourself collection.






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