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Recruiting startup JobHopin raises $2.45 million USD in new investment from foreign investors

JobHopin employees / Photo courtesy of JobHopin.

Vietnamese recruiting startup JobHopin announced that it has raised $2.45 million USD in new funding from foreign investors, which will allow the company to develop an automated job-recruitment platform for Southeast Asia.

JobHopin, which has a recruitment platform called Bunny to pair candidates with jobs using machine learning, has so far raised $3 million from Sema Translink (South Korea), KK Fund (Singapore), Mynavi Corporation (Japan), and others, but has not disclosed any more details.

In a press statement, the company said that there are 60 million knowledge workers in Southeast Asia and 108 million job placements a year, but many job openings take more than a month to fill because companies still do prospect employee pre-screening work manually.

JobHopin, founded in 2017 by CEO Kevin Tung Nguyen, seeks to resolve this problem using its database of more than 1.4 million job candidates derived from online databases and 2,000 enterprise clients in Vietnam.




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