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EuroCham Chairman Alain Cany Meets with Minister, Chairman of the Office of Government, Mai Tien Dung

Mr. Alain Cany and H.E. Mr. Mai Tien Dung in dialogue / Photo courtesy of EuroCham Vietnam.

The new EuroCham Chairman, Mr. Alain Cany, made his first official visit to the Office of Government of Vietnam, where Minister Mai Tien Dung welcomed him.

The official visit was organized to commemorate and thank H.E. Mai Tien Dung for his administrative reforms as well as his tireless support for EuroCham during his term, especially with his leadership as the Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council for Administrative Procedure Reform (ACAPR).

Mr. Dung appreciated the contribution of EuroCham in the reform of Vietnam in recent years, especially through proposals and recommendations to improve business environment and administrative procedures. Mr. Cany and H.E Mr. Dung also exchanged thanks and congratulations on recent successes and achievements of EuroCham and the Vietnamese Government.



Members of EuroCham at the meeting with H.E. Mr. Mai Tien Dung / Photo courtesy of EuroCham

The visit also reaffirmed the strength of the comprehensive partnership between EuroCham and the Office of Government, with their mutual commitment to building a thriving and prosperous economy, as Mr. Cany and H.E Dung discussed issues of mutual interest during the visit.

In particular, green and renewable energy has been highlighted as a key interest for Vietnam, as H.E. Mai Tien Dung expressed his wishes for more European investors and experts to commit in the process of sustainable development in Vietnam. Mr. Cany agreed that European investors bring with them the highest-quality experts, equipment, and technology.





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