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Vietnam’s BKAV exports its first batch of Bphone’s to Europe


Vietnamese cybersecurity and technology company BKAV has exported its first batch of its Bphone to Europe, according to the company’s CEO, Nguyen Tu Quang.

Quang said the order came from a European military buyer and that Bkav has worked with its partner to develop its own security and operating system for this product line.

The announcement about the European sales comes at the same time the company has decided to stop selling the Bphone B40 and Bphone B60 models in Vietnam.

Bkav had planned to start selling the B40 and B60 in 2020, but updating these two models took longer than originally expected, with the result that these two models were no longer suitable for the market.


BKAV’s B60 mobiphone model / Photo courtesy of VNS

At almost the same time, Bkav received an order from a partner, for a mobile device with a sleek design and a high level of security, so the B40 and B60 series have been converted to specialized security phones.

Vietnamese consumers who are interested in the B40 and B60 models can still find them at Bphone stores until existing supplies are sold out.




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