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An Phu Pharma

Wishing to improve the quality of life better and better for the people of Vietnam. Pharmaceutical company shares and medical devices proud An Phu is one of a leader in research and distribute the products to help support people's health care.


Pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, medicines, chemicals, medical equipment and supplies, functional foods, nutritional foods and disease prevention, vaccine and medical bio-products, glasses, milk of all kinds, nutritional drink with vitamine, warehouse services…


Field of Manufacture and Trade: Manufacture and trade in pharmaceuticals, dietary supplement and cosmetics.

Duoc Dai Nam

The year 2008 marked the establishment of Duoc Dai Nam Joint Stock Company in Vietnam Market. The founders of the company are the excellent representatives in pharmaceutical industry who have many years expericences in drug research, manufacturing, trading and distribution in domestic market and abroad.

ECO Pharma

ECO Pharma Joint Stock Company was established under the Business Registration Certificate number 0102637020 on 29/01/2008. Our office is located at: 148 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCM City.


Antibiotics & anti-bacterial, Pain management & Anti-Pyretic, anti-allergy & Anti-histamine, Cardiovascular & lipid regulators, Vitamins.

Hoa Linh Pharma

Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. United Spirit was founded in 2001, is the direct production enterprises, pharmaceutical business. Hoa Linh see it as a positive way to contribute to the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry with the goal: To raise the prestige and quality of drugs produced in the country, to meet the needs of people's health care.


- Pharmaceuticals - Cosmetics, hygiene products, supplements, food; - Raw materials for pharmacy, drugs, essential oils , fragrance , adjuvants, chemicals ( except chemicals banned by the State ) , pigments for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and technology;

Namha Pharma

Production: Pharmaceutical treatment for people, Traditional medicines, Cosmetic, Functional.


The company is planning decisive steps of strategy to develop the tradename PYMEPHARCO as well as head for providing the community with high-quality products and exporting these products to international markets.

Sohaco Trading and Pharma

Sohaco Trading and Pharmaceutical Group JSC. was established and developed by Meritorious Doctor Nguyen Tien Chinh. 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, now Sohaco distributes hundreds of drugs, including those of high market share such as Chiamin, Vitaplex infusion solutions (of SiuGuan – Taiwan), cough syrup Prospan (of Engelhard Arzneimittel – Germany), oncology chemotherapy drugs of Boryung (Korea) etc.


TENAMYD is a cosmetic brand dedicated to women who have experienced, have their own position in family and society. TENAMYD – a brand handed the modern and knowledgeable women an elegant and fashionable makeup style. With the steps of in-depth skin care, special treatment, TENAMYD helps women younger by the most advanced formulas and ingredients in the world for skin care and anti-aging.