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Vietnam Cycle 2014

03 December 2014 - 06 December 2014 (00:00 - 06:00)

SECC - Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center

Vietnam Cycle 2014
Vietnam Cycle 2014

On the Vietnamese market today, bike, Japan, China, Taiwan electric Bicycle with designs, varied colors accounted for 80% market share, while vehicles with brands such as Emirates, Delta, Hitasa, Martin 107 produced by domestic companies accounted for 8% market share.

Using bicycle in day life just becomes a trend in Vietnam and with the number of younger population, Vietnam is a potential consumption market for two wheels vehicles.

The climate and environment are more and more being polluted, natural resources become exhausted and the matter of an increase in population…. Due to these problems, all countries must have new directions to resolve and overcome difficulties. Vietnamese government has now focused on reducing vehicles with waste matter that cause environment pollution. By promoting using of public transport, developing *using bicycle policies* and launching the program "Cycling for the environment" in Vietnam, bicycle and electric bike consumption keep increasing. Vietnam is a market, a new direction for businesses, Bicycle, Electric bike in domestic and abroad.

Link: http://www.vietnamcycle.vn/eng/index.php/138_aboutus/99/VIETNAM-INTERNATIONAL-BICYCLE-EXHIBITION-2014.html#.VFMz5zSUcSM