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Co-Work Spaces in Da Nang, Hoi An & Hue

This is a “List” of the “Top Co-Work Spaces in Da Nang, Hoi An and Hue.” Here we list nine (9) Co-Work Space’s (CWS’s) in these cities that every traveler who needs a place to work should know about.


Co-Work Spaces in Hanoi City

This is a “List” of the “Top Co-Work Spaces in Hanoi.” Here we list ten (10) Co-Work Space’s (CWS’s) in Hanoi that every traveler who needs a place to work should know about.


Co-Work Spaces in Ho Chi Minh City

This is a “List” of the “Top Co-Work Spaces in Ho Chi Minh City.” Here we list twenty (20) Co-Work Space’s (CWS’s) in Ho Chi Minh City that every traveler who needs a place to work should know about.


Vietnam’s Historic Hotels

Vietnam has a rich history in the hotel industry, with the first “international” hotel built in 1880. In our list of “Vietnam’s Historic Hotels” we profile nine (9) hotels across the country that every traveler should know about.




There has been a lot of debate for the last 3-4 years that Vietnam will soon become the new China. FMCG demand will increase and many companies will be looking for advertising agencies in Vietnam. So, here are the top well-known marketers in Vietnam.

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In the next few years, banks in Vietnam are expected to offer more advanced financial services in response to customers’ changing needs. To respond for that need, the banks need the very strong leader to run the whole machine to the right direction. So, here are the top finance leaders in Vietnam.

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The following business associations may help you find business partners and information on specific commodities, investment and trade issues in Vietnam. Here for a list of foreign business associations in Vietnam.

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Digital is at the very cusp of enormous, sustained economic growth in Vietnam. Consumers are online and more recently on smartphones more and more. This list showed the best digital leader in Vietnam.

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Market Research

Where is Vietnam going from here? What is the next move of Market Research industry in Vietnam? What will the biggest evolution be in Market Research in Vietnam the near future? Take a look on these industrial leaders to follow all new market research trends.

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Vietnam is saturated with lively entertainment media and well-produced televisions. By law and policy, however, media and broadcasting activities are considered sensitive sectors in Vietnam and the scope for foreign participation in the same is very limited. See how these successful leaders deal with the media issue in Vietnam.

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Real Estate

Vietnam is fast becoming the region’s hottest property market for international investors, as prices at home continue to go through the roof. Many of infrastructure project in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi make Vietnam become the hottest spot of Real Estate industry in Asian. See the future of this industry by many successful leader here.

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It’s important to recognize what technology is increasingly in popularity so you can allocate the time and funds to make these trends pay off for your business. Follow these CIO to get inspire by their vision of IT future and prepare for your company.

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