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VietnamWorks survey: Technology and engineering sectors need workers

According to a new survey from VietnamWorks, the technology and engineering sectors in Vietnam expect to see strong in Vietnam in the next five years and have said that the ability to find talent is one of their top issues.

Engineering and technology growth is forecast to grow by 90% and human resources staff from companies in these sectors are looking at strategies to have new university graduates join their firms and are also looking at how the attract talent from competitors.

VietnamWorks survey polled more than 200 HR experts and found the following:

• 62% of companies forecast increased demand for arts, design, entertainment, media and sports workers.

• 42% of companies said there would be a decline in administrative and clerical work in five years though these are among the top three in terms of demand this year. VietnamWorks said this is because repetitive jobs like these are likely be replaced by machines.

• 59% of respondents believed developments in automation and information technology would be the most influential factors in the labor market

• 57% of respondents believe mobile Internet and cloud technology would be the next major factor and 54% look to big data

• 40% said privacy issues and greater awareness of environmental responsibilities would have a great impact on the labor market demand

Employers will require more sophisticated skills and abilities in the future and they are expecting that staff will have cross-functional skill sets including, cooperating with others, people management, emotional intelligence, and decision making.

Gaku Echizenya, general director of Navigos Group, which owns VietnamWorks, said: "The market is experiencing major changes with the fourth industrial revolution. Therefore, businesses need to keep up-to-date with market information from reputable sources to respond promptly to changes, allowing them to set out a strategy to recruit and attract talented people."

Echizenya added, “Employees need to actively educate themselves in information technology and have a variety of digital knowledge and skills, as well as soft “people skills” in order to increase their competitiveness.”