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Appota Report: Vietnamese spend 3 hours and 42 minutes on their mobile phones everyday

According to the latest report from Appota, a developer and provider of Vietnamese digital entertainment platforms, the average Vietnamese mobile phone user spends an average 3 hours and 42 minutes on their mobile phones a day, and 23% of that time is spent playing games.

With an estimated 51 million mobile phone users in Vietnam, Appota says 33 million (65%) of users are mobile gamers, and that this number is expected to increase to 40 million gamers by next year.

Appota says that because of the dynamic growth of eSports, all forms of mobile gaming have exploded. Appota estimates that Vietnam had 15 million eSport players in 2018, which was 45% of mobile game players, and that there are more than 5 million people who are non-gamers, but who regularly watch eSports on their digital devices.

Key factors in the increase in mobile games and eSports are the youth of Vietnamese citizens, combined with being tech-savvy and the willingness by Vietnamese to try new apps and games.


Vietnam is one of “Top 10 Countries” with the highest installation of apps/games in the world. Because of this, Vietnam is an ideal country for developers who want to create and monetize games.

For advertisers and brands want to reach a “youth demographic” he Appota report notes that: “Live game streams are a "great method for brands to get into the minds of young consumers", as Vietnamese users are drawn to engaging game battles and entertaining comments, and can watch game-streamers for hours on platforms like Facebook, YouTube or other platforms.

And for avid gamers who worry about the costs of gaming, video ads that reward users for viewing create great synergy with these games. Appota notes that, "In particular, the Vietnamese are especially willing to watch short video ads in exchange for rewards from apps or games."

Finally, Appota looks at the growth of digital and mobile advertising in Vietnam. The company states that in 2018, Vietnam’s digital advertising value i reached $663 million USD, with mobile advertising receiving $410 million USD (62%) of this revenue. Estimates for 2020 are $1 billion USD for overall digital advertising with $800 million USD (80%) going into mobile advertising.




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