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Shopee: More Vietnamese are using livestreaming to shop online

An ad for a Shopee livestream event on Facebook

According to a report just released by Shopee, one of Vietnam’s top ecommerce websites, Vietnamese consumers, across almost all age groups, are using livestreaming, as a way to connect with sellers and gather information about products while shopping from home.

Tran Tuan Anh, Managing Director, Shopee Vietnam, said that, “There has been growing demand for livestreaming in recent months as Vietnamese consumers live, work and shop from home more often. With Vietnamese spending most of their time at home in recent months, live streaming has transformed how we access our everyday needs. Livestreaming is now an important source of entertainment and interaction for online shoppers, who use it to connect with others and discover new products online.”

Shopee has identified three popular trends in livestream activities in recent months:



First, Vietnamese consumers are actively seeking information on products via livestreaming and are eager to interact with vendors who can provide them with information.

According to consumer feedback livestreaming offers an immersive shopping experience as they can discover the latest trends and are able to see the products. Consumers have been eager to discover the latest products, especially clothes, beauty and health products, shoes, watches and other accessories.

Shopee also reports that both brands and sellers are using Shopee “Live” as a key tool to promote their products effectively, and concurrent with this trend, there was a 70% increase in the total duration of Shopee Livestream events from February through April.

Shopee’s second key trend is that more leisure time is spent on live streaming and that as Vietnamese have increase the amount of time they spend online during recent months, there online media habits are evolving. Shopee notes an upswing in livestream viewing, especially on Sunday’s, which indicates that consumers are spending free time over the weekend online.

Shopee’s third key trend is that Vietnamese across almost age groups have now become familiar with livestreaming. Shopee’s users in the 18 ~ 34 age demographic are the most active, but the company has noted dramatic increases in those people who are in the 34 ~ 50 demographic.

Marketing and media executives are still trying to define “Livestreaming” and its place in both the media and online sales categories. One marketing expert said the its easy to understand the widening appeal of livestreaming as a new way to bring people together, since Vietnamese love to spend time at home and with their families. Livestreaming and shopping online allow people to take care of their shopping needs while allowing them to maximize their time with family and friends.




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