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Mobifone will use AI and Big Data to block subscribers making spam calls


Viet Nam Mobile Telecom Services Corporation (Mobifone) launched a system at the beginning of July that will allow it to detect and prevent spam calls using artificial intelligence (AI), big data technology (Big Data), and machine learning.

Mobifone said that the new technology system will allow it to identify and block subscribers if they are found to follow five criteria including:

• The frequency of making calls
• The number of phone calls with short contact time
• The number of phone calls having short time between calls
• The number of phone of calls for unrelated subscribers
• Other behaviors such as subscribers who make only phone calls, but do not receive or send SMS messages.

Mobifone will block such subscribers in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Information and Communications. It is the second telecom provider in Viet Nam to develop this system. The first one was Viettel.

While consumers will be happy with Mobifone’s new initiatives, many digital marketers in Vietnam who have focused on sending mobile phone users “spam” calls and messages are trying to determine how they will react.

A director of one of Vietnam’s leading advertising agencies said that if there clients can’t use mobile phones for their marketing, they’ll resort to sending emails to consumers instead.




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