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Property developers are hiring as many staff as possible for new developments

Many real estate companies in Vietnam are recruiting large numbers of new as they begin their planning for new projects / Photo courtesy of VNS.

Property companies across Vietnam are announcing plans to hire new employees, indicating a positive signal in a market hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nam Group, a local property company, said that it plans to employ 500 new people for its subsidiary, Nam Land, for a variety of positions, including marketing and sales staff and directors of transaction centers. Nam Group said the recruitment drive is aimed at selling over 10,000 units in its Thanh Long Bay this year after the pandemic ends.

Another company, the TLH Real-estate Transaction Centre has announced that plans to employ 2,000 freelancers who it hopes can develop the company’s business.

Novaland Group, one of Vietnam’s largest property developers has also announced plans to employ thousands of new marketing and sales consultants and will hire others for senior positions in the company.

The Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association (VREBA) issued a report that approximately 1,000 real estate brokerages have closed down during the Covid-19 pandemic and that another 500 real estate brokerages suspended their business operations.

The real estate industry has been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and Vietnam’s shutdown efforts, and during February, March and April many employees were laid off and lost their jobs as companies sought to cut costs.

An executive from VREBA spoke about the new recruiting efforts and said that developers are planning on bringing a number of new projects into the market this year and that developers will need staff to sell their projects. Ultimately, even with the problems and economic downturn this year from the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s real estate industry remains optimistic that many people want to invest in real estate projects and that they’re just waiting for the right projects at the right prices.




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