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Vietnamese say technology is taking over their lives


Vietnamese research firm InsightAsia and public relations and digital marketing agency Vero have just conducted a survey – 2020 Vietnam Tech Consumer Report” – of consumers and Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City that found while technology is taking over people’s lives in a very progressive manner, most consumers don’t mind it.

The survey found that most consumers have a very positive outlook regarding the technology sector – including both products and services – and that consumers have increasingly high expectations that technology will improve many aspects of their lives.

The survey was also conducted in Myanmar and Thailand and Myanmar, and overall, 65% of respondents said technology has a positive impact on their lives, compared to only 6% of respondents who said the impact of technology was negative.

Respondents to the survey said that technology services and products allow them to perform better at work – 84%, and allow them to have better relationships with others – 66%.

One notable finding fro the survey was that, of the three countries, Vietnamese are the most likely to say that technology is taking over their lives - 66% compared to consumers in Thailand - 39%, and those in Myanmar – 52%.

The survey also notes that Vietnamese consumers have many positive associations with technology that include improved work performance, better relationships with others, relaxation, and stress relief. The one downside that consumers note is that 50% of people say that they have lost sleep due to their use of technology.

One negative aspect of technology that the survey noted was that up to 39% of Vietnamese say they are fatigued by social media. Respondents said they experience more conflict while using social media and they often feel forced to use it and that its use caused them to lose control of their lives.

As in Thailand and Myanmar, Vietnamese consumers put a premium on technology products from reliable suppliers when deciding what to buy and 80% of respondents said they have a preference for popular technology brands. Respondents by a large percentage – 87% said that refund and return policies effect which products they buy.

The survey also notes that television is the most common source through which Vietnamese become aware of tech products and that they use technology platforms like Youtube to find out about product reviews from other consumers.




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