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Vingroup develops revolutionary 5G smartphone

Vsmart 5G smartphones on display at an electronics retailer in Hanoi

A subsidiary of Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup had developed a new smartphone, which is the country’s first 5G-operable device – the latest in a series of locally designed handsets to take on recognized brands from overseas.

VinSmart Research & Manufacturer, part of Vingroup, said in a press release that it had finished its Vsmart Aris 5G smartphone and that, “This makes VinSmart the first Vietnamese company to successfully manufacture a terminal supporting 5G technology.”

“This confirms the design and manufacture capacity of domestic enterprises and opens up opportunities for early access to world-class technology products for Vietnamese people.”

VinSmart and other Vietnamese companies have come out with smartphones using the Android operation system, over the past half-decade but these phones have found limited consumer acceptance when compared to foreign brands.

Although Vsmart phones have a 16% domestic market share, in third place after Samsung and Oppo, Vietnamese consumers recognize foreign brands because they have been on the market for longer and sell for similar prices charged by domestic vendors.

Although previous Vsmart phones have been low-end, selling for only $100 USD, the new 5G smartphone is considered a “high end” mobile phone that is aimed at upscale Vietnamese consumers.

A representative of VinSmart said that the new Vsmart 5G phone will include 128 GB of memory and use the Qualcomm 765 processor and will help foster a made-in-Vietnam 5G ecosystem.

Lam Nguyen, Managing Director of market research firm IDC Indochina said that “ecosystems and partnerships will determine VinSmart’s successes.”

Nguyen said, “Forming a partnership alliance and building an ecosystem will likely forge (the smartphones) to move ahead of its competitors and retain user loyalty. Failure to do that will have a reverse effect, as well.”

VinSmart has not yet announced a date for the new smartphones launch or price but industry insiders say they expect phones to be available from September and that the company is now planning a variety of marketing initiatives to introduce the new phone.




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