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Vietnam introduces virtual assistant platform


Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) introduced a Vietnamese virtual assistant platform at the end of September that had been developed by Viettel - the Vietnamese Army Telecommunication Industry Corporation.

Officially named the “Viettel Cyberbot”, the platform aims to help businesses automate customer care processes based on Vietnamese language processing technologies.

According to Viettel, the Viettel Cyberbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to understand the messages that customers want to convey. The system continually improves itself on an automatic basis as it assists in real interactions. The AI platform also has the capabilities to assist businesses build an automatic switchboard system by interacting with customers by message (chatbot) or by voice (callbot).

Viettel says that the virtual assistant uses advanced language processing that will help the callbot’s voice to sound more natural, almost like a real human voice. A distinctive feature of the Viettel Cyberbot is the combination of speech processing technologies with Vietnamese natural language processing technology at the same time.


Viettel Cyberbot – Explanation in Vietnamese / Courtesy of Viettel

In each communication and interaction with users, the AI system can simultaneously handle speech recognition, guess customers’ intent, process information, and answer questions. Viettel says that the system is a complete solution that is fully applicable and flexible according to real situations.

Viettel Cyberbot says that the system is expected to help businesses optimize 40% or more of their customer care resources while improving the customer’s experience and satisfaction.

On a long-term basis, the AI developers who have developed the system are seeking ways to improve the Cyberbot into a comprehensive Vietnamese virtual assistant platform that can be deployed by enterprises as an independent customer care switchboard system without the need for an internal switchboard.

The launch of Viettel Cyberbot is part of a series of events and IT systems that are being touted as part of a “Made in Vietnam” branded digital platforms that seek to raise international awareness of Vietnam’s prowess in artificial intelligence, electronic manufacturing and IT systems development and are important components of Vietnam’s National Digital Transformation Program.

As Vietnamese enterprises have mastered core technologies and begun to develop a variety of technology platforms for digital transformation. Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications has created an initiative to see the weekly launch of Vietnamese digital platforms and promote Vietnamese ICT products.




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