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Vietnam launches national database and citizen ID management systems

Prime Minister visits the Ministry of Public Security's digital map unit (Photo: VNA).

The Vietnamese government officially launched its national population database and citizen ID card issuance and management systems last week, with the attendance of Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Public Service is the lead agency in developing the two information systems and said that they will be data hubs that will store information with “legal value” of Vietnamese citizens.

The new data systems are key components that the Vietnamese government wants to enact in order to the country a leading digital country. Several of the goals that the information systems include:

Overhauling citizen management protocols which will include citizens being able to make a larger number of government transactions online, by using digital document and filing systems, along with personal ID number that will supersede household registration books.

Overall, the new data management system are expected to streamline many local, regional and national government administration processes and the government acknowledges that one of its “goals” is to enhance the “quality” of citizen and business experiences when they interact with government agencies.

The government said at the launch of the new systems that Vietnam Posts and Telecommunication Group (VNPT) took five months from to complete infrastructures and application software for the database. In support of the data systems, VNPT has also trained 23,000 police officers who will initially work with the systems.

The new IT database systems have been built using the latest information system and security technologies, and satisfy the government’s level 4 standard for information security. Once approved by the Prime Minister last year, the project was a high priority project that was completed in only five months.

According to To Lam, Vietnam’s Minister of Public Security, the national population database will be a significant system in the development of Vietnam’s digital economy and society. Minister Lam said that new systems will enable positive changes in state management and administrative processes, which will in turn benefit citizens and businesses.




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