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Taiwan will welcome business travellers from Vietnam and Singapore


Taiwan health officials announced that it is going to add Vietnam and Singapore to its list of low-risk COVID-19 countries. The announcement by Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) means that business travellers from both countries will only need to undergo five days of quarantine instead of the standard 14 days.

Chen Shih-chung, Minister of Health and Welfare and head of the CECC said that because Vietnam and Singapore have met Taiwan’s criteria to be categorized as low-risk for two consecutive weeks, their status has been changed from medium to low-risk.

Since the beginning of this month, business travellers from low-risk countries or regions are only required to undergo five days of quarantine, while business travellers from medium-risk areas need to quarantine for seven days.

Chen said that over the past two weeks, the majority of confirmed coronavirus cases in Vietnam were imported from abroad, while new domestic cases were people who are family and close contacts of people who had been in quarantine. In the case of Singapore, he noted that during the same period, Singapore has reported only two local cases.

He added that after taking into consideration the low number of cases in both countries, as well as the government and community tracking and monitoring systems in them the CECC has lowered the status of both countries to low-risk.




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