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Dong Nai province approves new road construction for Long Thanh Airport


Dong Nai Province has approved plans to build two new roads to Long Thanh International Airport and upgrade two other roads in the province at an estimated cost of $309 million USD (7.1 trillion VND). These are estimated construction costs and do not include land costs.

The four roads will connect the new international airport with Dinh Quan, Xuan Loc, Trang Bom, and Thong Nhat districts.

(1) The 53-kilometer Road 770B will be built between Dinh Quan and Long Thanh at a cost of $100 million USD (2.3 trillion VND).

(2) The 47-kilometer Road 772 from Trang Bom to Xuan Loc through Long Thanh, which will run parallel to National Highway 1, will be built at an estimated cost of $65 million USD (1.5 trillion VND).

(3) The 51-kilometer Road 773 between Xuan Loc and the airport and parallel to National Highway 1 will be upgraded at a cost of $74 million USD (1.7 trillion VND).

(4) Upgrade of the 31-kilometer Road 769 from Thong Nhat to Long Thanh will cost $70 million USD (1.6 billion VND).

The construction will be funded by the Dong Nai government, which plans to recoup some of the costs by auctioning land along the new roads. The construction of Roads 773 and 772 is expected to ease traffic on National Highway 1.

The construction of the Long Thanh International Airport, which will be located approximately 40 kilometers east of Ho Chi Minh City, officially began on January 5th of this year.

The new airport will be built in three phases, and when fully completed in 2040, will have four runways, four terminals and other facilities to handle 100 million passengers and five million tons of cargo a year.




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