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Vietnamese companies prefer social media advertising


According to new research from Ho Chi Minh City market research company, Q&Me, Vietnamese companies prefer to advertise their product and services on social media networks, regardless of the size of the company.

Q&Me’s research surveyed 135 companies and found that 84% of companies use social network advertising, 46% of companies use search advertising and 44% prefer display advertising on business and consumer websites. In other media categories, 39% of the companies use online video advertising while only 23% believed in the power of influencer marketing.

Digital marketing by Vietnamese companies – From Q&Me

Another finding by Q&Me relates to how different companies are marketing, and the survey found that 94% of medium and large-sized companies, with 50+ employees use social media advertising while the percentage of smaller companies using social media advertising was 79%.

The four main social media platforms that Vietnamese interact with

As expected in Vietnam, Facebook is the most popular social media for digital marketing, with 96% of companies using it, followed by YouTube at 75%, Instagram at 49%, and Zalo at 32%. Companies said that they are primarily using Facebook for product or service branding and for customer support.

Vietnam has 58 million Facebook users, ranking seventh in the world by the UK’s We Are Social, and 75% of the Vietnamese population, aged 13 and above use the social platform. According to other research, Vietnamese uses social media for two hours and 23 minutes a day, comparable to global rates.





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