Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival takes place in on the 15th of the lunar August, when the Moon is bigger and brighter than any time of the year. Therefore, it is also called the Full Moon Festival.

Its another name, Children Festival shows that it is the most exciting annual festival for children, because at this time, they are given toys and foods such as lanterns and mooncakes.

The meaning of Mid- Autumn Festival has changed over time. It is not only for kids, but also for adults. However, the festival’s spirit is still there. It’s the sens of caring, and of showing the love to our family members

Unique food of Mid-Autumn Festival- moon cakes. On this occasion, family members gather and eat moon cakes together. Children love the cakes very much


Lanterns are children’s favorite toys. In the past, there is only paper lanterns, but nowadays, there are different kinds of lanterns for us


On Mid-Autumn Fest, children in the same neighborhood area may hold a party to share their toys and foods. In Vietnamese, we call it “Pha Co”


There is a custom of worshiping the Moon in this festival. People often pray for peace and happiness


In Cho Lon, the streets get crowded and red lanterns are in everywhere since Hoa people here consider Mid-Autumn Festival as one of their major festivals of the year


Over time, the festival is not only for children but also for adults


Mid-Autumn Festival is a chance for Vietnamese show their care and love to homeless children and orphans

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