Vesak (Phat Dan in Viet Nam)

Phat Dan is a traditional Buddhist holiday which commemorates the birth, enlighten and death of Buddha. This holy day is annually celebrated in the 15th day of April lunar calendar. In Vietnam, many festivals are held around this day. Celebrating Phat Dan means making special efforts to bring happiness to everyone and look back ourselves. Phat Dan in general is a meaningful holiday which should be reserved.

Buddha Temples are full of people in Phat Dan. Along with them, fruits and incenses are brought to worship Buddha


In every temples, meetings are made. Monks give their speech about Buddha’s life. Furthermore, they also advise people to be good and honest


A huge boat parade on Ben Nghe river has been established since 2011. The boats are well-decorated with lights, lotus (symbol of Buddha) or Buddha statues


In Hue, little candle boats are dropped to pray for the death. This show the spirit of Buddhism: bringing happiness to everybody