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Japanese real estate giant Nomura invests in Hanoi’s Ecopark project

An aerial photo of the Hanoi Ecopark project / Photo courtesy of Ecopark.

Signaling continued confidence in Vietnam’s growth, Japan’s Nomura Real Estate Development Company Limited has agreed to participate in a condominium housing project in the Ecopark project in Hanoi.

Ecopark is an urban township development on the outskirts of Hanoi, in Hung Yen Province, that is currently under development. Ecopark is being built at a cost of more than $8.2 billion USD and will span more than 500 hectares.

Ecopark is one of the largest township developments in Vietnam, and features residential, office, retail, school, park, and other urban functions combined with abundant natural spaces spanning over 100 hectares of greenery and waterfront.

Nomura’s project is part of Ecopark’s Phase 2 development, and will contain 3,000 residential apartments. Apartments are scheduled for completion and turn over to their owners in late 2024 or early 2025.

As part of its partnership with Ecopark, Nomura will contribute to further enhancing the Ecopark project’s added value while engaging in the project from the planning and design stages by utilizing insight cultivated in Japan, as well as its track record and expertise in Vietnam.


The Tokyo Vietnam Medical University is located in Hanoi’s Ecopark

The partnership with Nomura continues Ecopark Group’s co-operation with Japanese enterprises. The Waseda Academy of Medicine, located in Tokyo has also selected Ecopark as the site for their Tokyo Health Science University Vietnam and several other Japanese entities have expressed their desire to be a part of Ecopark.




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