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Viettel and Sony aim to promote smart lifestyle in Vietnam

April 04, 2016 Written by Truong Le

Viettel Telecom Corporation (Viettel), the leader in Vietnam’s telecommunication market, has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Japan’s Sony Corporation to develop and launch a Smart Card System in Vietnam that will be based upon Sony’s existing systems.

The projects goals are to research, develop and commercialize services based on NFC FeliCa contactless technology that has been developed by Sony. These include technology platforms – hardware and software - for Mobile e-money, Personal Identification Cards, Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) systems and E-ticketing for transportation services. For example, with smart cards, customers can use their cards, mobile phones supported by NFC FeliCa to transfer money and make payments through their bank accounts with the BankPlus service of Viettel.


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The feasibility of smart cards and devices integrating with NFC FeliCa also facilitates development of electronic payment services in schools, hospitals, retail locations, and in multiple business settings.

Viettel and Sony will execute a trial run for NFC FeliCa smart card solutions at Nhan Viet School and Nam Viet School, two schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The trial run is expected to bring fundamental functions of smart cards applicable to educational environment such as tuition payment, taking student attendance, and School Management System (SMAS) integration. The companies will attempt to ensure the application of e-money integration and identification systems and explore other potential applications for the technology in this field.

"We will work hard to make a positive contribution to and enhance the solutions that Viettel provides, using Sony's FeliCa technology. We will also leverage the wealth of experience that we have accumulated in Japan and Hong Kong, where many services - from transportation to e-payment to NFC-enabled mobile services - have adopted our FeliCa technology”, Mr. Kazuyuki Sakamoto, Senior General Manager at Sony Corporation's FeliCa Business Division, said.

In entering into the strategic partnership with Sony, Viettel strongly believes that it can make a significant breakthrough in applying NFC contactless technology in Vietnam that will make people's daily lives considerably easier and smarter and that electronic payment services substantially transform Vietnam’s e-commerce and retail industries in the future.