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Dairy Giant Vinamilk Go E-Commerce

Starting in October 2016, Vinamilk consumers can buy any product from the company through the new Vinamilk eShop website:

Vinamilk is one of Vietnam’s leading FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies and have developed their new online shopping channel to compliment store displays, retail sales points and supermarket distributors.

In the Vinamilk eShop, consumers can choose any product including condensed, liquid, powdered and soymilk products as well as beverages, cheeses, ice cream and yogurt. The delivery time for orders varies from 12 to 24 hours after the order is confirmed and consumers pay by cash or pay directly online via credit card or ATM transfer.

In its initial launch phase, the eShop will only serve customers in Ho Chi Minh City.  After beta and integrity tests, Vinamilk is planning to expand its delivery system to include all areas in Vietnam.  To celebrate its new distribution and sales channel, Vinamilk has a variety of marketing offers and promotions available including discount, bulk buy promotional options and gifts.

The launch of VinaMilk eShop is expected to boost their business to grow faster. In its most recent 6-month period, the company’s revenue increased 18.6% compared to the previous year with 27,782 billion VND in revenues.  Vinamilk has an ambitious goal to achieve 44,560 billion VND in revenues, with 8,266 billion VND in after tax profits

VinaMilk eShop was designed and developed by Haravan Agency in Ho Chi Minh City.  The team spent more than 7 months to develop Vinamilk eShop with the expectation that the platform will grow to large enterprise scale.  In addition to the eShop platform, Vinamilk is also heavily investing in their online customer service system, supply chain management and delivery and payment systems so that they can expand and serve all of Vietnam.

Since more than a half of the Vietnamese population are online through mobile and tablet / computer systems, it is expected that VinaMilk efforts will push other Vietnamese FMCG corporations to move into e-commerce.  The logistics industry in Vietnam is still immature and few companies have a complete nationwide footprint.  Many people question whether the logistics industry will be able to catch-up with online shopping trends and move the economy forward from a leadership position.

Vinamilk is the largest dairy company in Vietnam and the 15th largest company in Vietnam so many business and consumer eyes are on the company’s eShop and waiting to see whether the company’s efforts are an indicator of Vietnam’s e-commerce future. 

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