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Amazon Web Services to launch in Vietnam

Amazon Web Services (AWS),’s subsidiary, is pushing its ambitious business plan in Vietnam following Alibaba’s footsteps in the field of cloud computing services. AWS provides
on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies, and governments. It supplies cloud-based infrastructure services based on Amazon’s back-end technology platform. 

The firm’s spokesperson presented digital and web services specifically built for the Vietnamese market at the recent press conference in Hanoi. The firm also walked through the delegates on their strategies to approach customers in the country.

Paul Chen, AWS’s head of solutions architect in the ASEAN, noted that the establishment of the new office in Vietnam could speed up the performance of projects which in turn benefits customer services.

In 1995, was established with the intent of becoming a world-leading customer-oriented company where anyone could browse and explore anything they wish to purchase online. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, founded the business only to create a digital space for books and reading material transactions. Jeff is recently reported to be the wealthiest person in the world according to newswire Forbes.Technological innovations has been the key in ensuring Amazon’s persistent growth in business performance ever since they started, which enabled the firm to deliver products with greater diversity, maximum convenience, and at lower costs. When Amazon diversified the firm’s portfolio of product categories, the targeted market segments also broadened.

Paul also highlighted that after years of fruitful investments in key regions such as the US, India, and China, AWS has set eyes on new up-and-coming markets in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam.

In the field of communications and media particularly, AWS provides open-ended, highly reliable, and secure cloud-based computing services which allow media firms and publishers to cut down on expenses in information technology (IT), boost operating performance, and publish content on a global scale. With transferring, storing, and publishing content on the virtual cloud, AWS enables cutbacks in IT investment for media firms as well as relocating human resources to content creation and customer support.

AWS also caters a streaming application and over-the-top media services (OTT) that allows streaming content providers to sell media services like audios and videos directly to consumers, which has great potential in Vietnam.

Huge businesses in Vietnam like Masan, Vietjet Air, and VTV Go as well as international giants like Samsung, Coca Cola, HTC, Vodafone, and LG have subscribed to AWS’ services. Vietnamese television station (VTV) utilises services supplied by AWS to broadcast nine television channels on the Internet.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Amazon has set up more than 20 representative offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Australia, Japan, Korea, and China with the objective of supporting the firm’s fast-growing clientele and system of partners all over the world.

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